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Publications 2002

Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Soils Chemistry-Phosphorus

Occurrence and phosphorus composition of surface runoff from a drumlin soil

OM McCabe, P MCDonald, MA Morgan

Rainfall simulation as a tool for determining the relationship between soil P and runoff P from Irish grassland soils

R.H. Foy, C. Penn, H. Tunney and J.T. Sims

Seasonal effects on phosphorus loss from soil to water

H. Tunney and T. O'Donnell

Development of a reliable soil test for plant-available phosphurus in iron -rich basaltic soils

A Bell, JS Bailey, RV Smith.

Nitrogen response of grass to sewage sludge and animal manures relative to chemical fertiliser

W. Kato, O.T. Carton, H. Tunney, D. McGrath, W.E. Murphy and K. Kobayashi

The impact of urine deposition on soil mineral-N concentrations in soils under grazed pasture swards

K. O'Connell, J. Humphreys, C.J. Watson, I.A. Case

Farm level constructed wetlands

E. Dunne, N.Culleton, G. O'Donovan and R. Harrington

Temporal variability in soil phosphorus concentrations in grazed grassland

C.J. Watson, M.D.B. Allen, P. Poland, R. Stewart and R.V. Smith

An Evaluation of Earth Bank Tanks for Slurry Storage
H.A. Scully, P.J. Purcell, M. Long, T.N. Gleeson,E.G. O' Riordan and S. Crosse

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