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Publications 2002

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Beef - Nutrition 

The implications of the CAP regime on beef production systems and feed cost

W. Dunne

Muscle and adipose tissue colour of beef from extreme dairy and beef X dairy cattle
P.G. Dunne, A.P. Moloney, M.G. Keane, F.J. Monahan and F.P. O'Mara

Effect of sire muscularity on scanned eye muscle measurements, muscularity scores and carcass conformation of their bull progeny

M.J. Drennan, C. McGeehan and P.J. Caffrey

The effect of sunflower soil in the supplementary concentrate on the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) concentration in muscle from heifers fed a range of silage

F. Noci, P. O'Kiely, F.J. Monahan, C. Stanton, A.P. Moloney

Prediction of net energy requirements of beef cattle

A.M. Crowley, M.G. Keane, J. Agabriel and F.P. O'Mara

Growth and carcass composition in sheep offered different dietary supplies of propionate or metabolisable protein

A.P. Moloney

The PDIE and PDIN content of grass silage, grazed grass and concentrate ingredients

C. Bohane, J.J. Murphy, S. Kavanagh, P.Dillon and F.P. O'Mara

Cow and calf performance of autumn calving suckler cows offered different energy allowances during the winter.

P. French and A.P. Moloney

Response in silage-fed weanlings to supplementary concentrates indoors and outdoors

M.G. Keane

Tenderness, composition and eating quality of beef from the progeny of two Charolais sires
S.C. Maher, M. LeGoff, A.M. Mullen, A.P. Moloney, M.J. Drennan, J. Buckley, and J.P. Kerry.

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