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Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Molecular / Reproduction

Flow cytometric analysis of leukocyte populations in cow’s milk using differential DNA staining  

C. O’Loughlin, W.J. Meaney & S. Arkins

Source of mutations with large effect on ovulation rate in Belclare sheep  

M. Mullen, JP Hanrahan, S.M. Galloway &  R. Powell

A survey of gene expression in the bovine corpus luteum  

O.M. Casey,, R. Fitzpatrick, J. McInerney, R. Powell & J.M. Sreenan

Progesterone and uterine gene expression in cattle  

R.E. McNeill,, D.G. Morris, M.T. Cairns, R. Fitzpatrick, T.J. Smith & J.M. Sreenan

Effect of underfoot-surface conditions and group size on expression of oestrus in heifers  

J.Larkin, J.M. Sreenan, MP. Boland & M.G. Diskin

In situ measurement of oviduct and uterine pH in cattle  

S.A. Hugentobler, J.M. Sreenan, M.T. Kane  & D.G. Morris

Differences between ewe breeds for fertilisation rates and embryo quality after cervical artificial insemination  

S. Fair, P. Lonergan, P. Duffy, A. Donovan, M.P. Boland, J.P. Hanrahan & A.C.O. Evans

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