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  Publications 2003

Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Posters 3

Preliminary results of a study examining the influence of terminal sire breed type on performance of the suckler herd  

R.M. Kirkland, P.A. Ingram, D.C. Patterson, R.W.J. Steen, J. Comerford,  C.S. Mayne & T.W.J. Keady.

Extended grazing as a substitute for silage and housing 

S Flanagan

Genotype by environment interactions using random regression models

D. P. Berry, F. Buckley, P. Dillon, R. D. Evans, M. Rath , & R. F. Veerkamp

Stereotypies in Irish thoroughbred horses in race training  

N.P. Carroll, J.Breen & S. Arkins

Effect of strain of Holstein-Friesian cow and grass based feeding systems on milk production, liveweight and body condition score. 

B. Horan, P. Dillon, F. Buckley, J.F. Mee, P. O’ Connor & M. Rath

The effect of four contrasting grassland-based systems of milk production on the body composition of high genetic merit dairy cows  

V. B. Woods, C.P. Ferris & F. J. Gordon

Splitting the application of nitrogen fertiliser for first-cut grass silage  

P. O’Kiely & E. G. O’Riordan

Yields and water-soluble carbohydrate concentrations of  lines of Lolium perenne L., two of which confer a high water-soluble carbohydrate genotype.  

H. Howard , P. O’Kiely, P. Conaghan & F.P. O’Mara.

Sampling procedures with baled silage  

P.D. Forristal & P. O'Kiely

Effect of silage additives on the effluent quantity, chemical composition and hygiene quality of silage made from a grass-clover mixture  

A. Potkański, M. Kostulak - Zielińska, M. Selwet &  D. Hertig

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