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  Publications 2003

Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Pigs and Exotics

Effect of environmental enrichment in farrowing pens on pig welfare    
E. Lewis, L. Boyle, B. Lynch, P. Brophy, J. O’Doherty

Effect of feeding decreasing levels of protein and amino acids with a declining Lysine: DE ratio on the performance of grower-finisher pigs   
M.K. O’Connell,, P.B. Lynch and J.V. O’Doherty

Effect of commercially available feed additives on the gut microflora of finishing pigs.    
A.J. Campbell, G.E. Gardiner, F.C. Leonard, P.B. Lynch, C. Stanton, R.P. Ross, and P.G. Lawlor.

Study of the inflammatory and acute phase response to a lipopolysaccharide challenge in pigs     
S. Llamas Moya, L. Boyle, B. Lynch, S. Arkins,

Response in litter live-weight at weaning to feed intake in lactation
V.E. Beattie, M.K. Nonis, M.E.E. McCann, R. W. Henry

Group-housing – sow welfare on commercial farms    
L.A. Boyle and P.B. Lynch

pH measurement of ostrich muscles    
B.E. Walshe, A.M. Mullen and J.P. Kerry

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