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Health, Welfare and Behaviour

Radiotelemetry systems for measuring body temperature  

D. J. Prendiville, J. Lowe, B. Earley, C. Spahr & P. Kettlewell

The effects of Echinacea supplementation on haematology and some aspects of immunity in horses  

B.A. Younge, M. Kenny, C., O’Loughlin  & Arkins S.

Gender differences in equine learning skills and visuo-spatial ability  

J. Murphy T. Waldmann & S. Arkins

Evaluation of Lacticin 3147 in vitro as a teat dip  in mastitis prevention   

S. Judge  W.J. Meaney, R.P. Ross, & C. Hill

Physiological, haematological and immunological responses of 9-month old bulls (250kg) to transport at two stocking densities (0.85m2 and 1.27m2 /animal) on a 12-hour journey by road  

B. Earley, D.J. Prendiville & E.G. O’Riordan

Out-wintering pads: effects on beef cattle welfare  

M.C. Hickey, P. French & J. Grant

Effect of cortisol infusion and castration stress on plasma glucose, acute phase proteins and immune function in cattle  

S. T. L. Ting, B. Earley & M. A. Crowe

Acoustic markers of stress in sheep  

M. Feinstein

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