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Soils 1: Pedology and Land Use

Defining primary observation units at the intersection of soil science and archaeology
T. Cummins

GIS map algebra rules for calculating the spatial distribution of peatlands from multiple map sources
J. Connolly, N.M. Holden and S.M. Ward.

Parent material influences on occurrence of management in the soils of Lyons Estate, Co. Kildare.
S.T.J. Lalor, J.F. Collins & G.W. Smillie

Physical and chemical characteristics of possible pre-glacial weathering profile in south Wicklow.
G.W. Smillie, J.F. Collins & M.A. Karkory

Sheep 'rests' are a critical aspect of land use in unimproved hill vegetation
M. Walsh

Denitrification as a contributing factor to spatial variability in forage grass production
S. McCormick, J.S. Bailey, C. Jordan, A. Higgins

Vegetation composition and microform distribution in a blanket peatland
A. Laine, K.A. Byrne, E-S. Tuittila

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