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Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Grass / Silage

The effect of altering nitrogen application pattern on the grass growth curve
D. Hennessy, P. French, M. O’Donovan and S. Laidlaw

A comparison of perennial ryegrass cultivars differing in heading date and grass ploidy for grazing dairy cows at two different stocking rates

M. O Donovan, G. Stakelum and L Delaby

Effect of time of initial grazing date and subsequent stocking rate on dairy cow performance and pasture production

L Delaby, M. O’Donovan and J L Peyraud.

Comparison of grass growth, farm cover and herbage intake between two grazing systems using the rising plate meter technique

A.J.Dale, C.S.Mayne, C.P.Ferris and A.S.Laidlaw

Management techniques to promote botanical diversity of grassland field margins

H. Sheridan, M. G. O Donovan, N. Culleton.

Pilot survey to establish the extent of occurrence and identity of visible fungi on baled grass silage.
M. O’Brien, P. O’Kiely, P.D. Forristal and H. Fuller

Rates of change in yield and digestibility of grasses grown for silage

P. O'Kiely

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