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Beef Production

Agricultural contractors as a labour source on Irish suckler farms
H. Leahy , E.G. O' Riordan , D.J. Ruane

Performance of the bull progeny of five beef cow genotypes
B. M. Murphy, M. J. Drennan and F. P. O’Mara

Effect of underfoot-surface on expression of oestrus in beef cows.
J. Larkin, P. French, J.M. Sreenan, M.P. Boland, M.G Diskin

The Effect of Source of Coconut Oil on Methane Output, Intake and Animal Performance of Continental Cross Beef Heifers
E. Jordan, D.K. Lovett and F.P. O’Mara

Hydrogen sulphide emissions during slurry agitation .
J. Lenehan, J.P. Frost, R.C. Binnie and W.M. Moore

The effects of fish oil inclusion in the concentrate and method of silage preservation on the colour and sensory characteristics of beef
A. P. Moloney, B. Murray, D. J. Troy, G. E. Nute and R. I. Richardson

Isotopic differentiation of organically and conventionally produced Irish beef
B. Bahar, J.M. Quilter, A.P. Moloney, F.J. Monahan and O. Schmidt

Out-wintering pads; effects on beef cattle production  
P. French and M.C. Hickey    

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