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Posters 2

Evaluation of alternative milk recording schemes
D.P. Berry, V.E. Olori, A.R. Cromie, R.F. Veerkamp, M. Rath, and P. Dillon

Genetic relationships between linear type traits with milk yield, body weight, fertility and somatic cell count in Irish primiparous dairy cows

D.P. Berry, F. Buckley, P. Dillon, R.D. Evans and R.F. Veerkamp

Pre and post-prandial serum leptin concentrations during early lactation in first calving Holstein-Friesian heifers calving at high and low live weight.

S. M. Woods, A. F. Carson,, A. R. G. Wylie and J. D. McEvoy

The effect of habituation of dairy herd replacements to the milking parlour prior to calving on flinch, step and kick responses on days 1, 7, 14 and 21 and post calving

H.C.F. Wicks and A.F.Carson

The effect of creep feeding concentrates and protein and tannin concentration in creep-feed on lamb performance and faecal egg counts.

L.E.R. Dawson, H. Edgar, M. McCoy, A.F. Carson

Effect of closing date and grazing date on winter DM yield and subsequent DM production

D. Hennessy, P. French, M. O’Donovan and S.E. Laidlaw

The fermentation and aerobic stability of unwilted and wilted perennial ryegrass cultivars ensiled using contrasting additive treatments

H. Howard ,, P. O’Kiely, F.P. O’Mara.

Yield and persistency of Lolium perenne L. cultivars in monoculture and mixtures under frequent cutting
P. Conaghan and V. Connolly

Nitrogen fertiliser replacement value of cow slurry for herbage production  
R. C. Binnie and J. P. Frost    

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