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Oral Presentations (II)

The impact of forest operations on surface water quality 
J.Machava, O. McCabe, P. O`Dea, E.P. Farrell

Enzymatic hydrolysis of organic waste materials in a liquid style system. 

S.N. Jordan, G.J. Mullen

Increasing the quantity of grazed grass in the diet of a spring calving dairy herd stocked at 2 LU ha. 

A. Hennessy, M. O'Donovan, S. Laidlaw, P. French

Assessment of rising plate meter calibration on Northern Ireland dairy farms.

P.D. Barrett, A.J. Dale

Development of a quantitative PCR based assay for Lactobacillus plantarum. 

M. Klocke, K. Mundt, S. Barth

auto4x: a novel software to assess the distribution of genetic diversity in autotetraploid species demonstrated with the example of white clover. 

S. Barth, V. Connolly, M. Klass, M. Febrer, N. Salamin

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