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Below you will find details of publications you can download from this website. Click on the download icon to begin. Files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  To read/print the files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Animal Genetics

Genetic variation in the Galway sheep breed based on microsatellite markers. 
D. Howard, J.P. Hanrahan, D. MacHugh

A molecular genetic characterisation of the endangered Irish Draught horse. 
A. McGahern, E.W. Hill, D.E. MacHugh, P, Brophy

Characterisation of several Connemara Pony populations. 
D.M. Feely, P.O. Brophy, K.M. Quinn

Allele frequencies at the prion protein (PrP) locus in Suffolk, Texel and Charollais pedigree populations in Ireland. 
T. Sweeney, K.C. Casey, J.P. Hanrahan

Effects of scrapie (PrP) genotype of sire on lamb growth and on ultrasonic fat and muscle depths in commercial production systems. 
K.C. Casey, J.P. Hanrahan, T. Sweeney

Availability and suitability of data for genetic evaluation of calving difficulty across cattle breeds in Ireland. 
V.E. Olori, P. Donnellan, A.R. Cromie, P.R. Amer, R.F. Veerkamp

Cumulative discounted gene expressions for beef and dairy traits in Ireland 
D.P. Berry, F.E. Madalena, A.R. Cromie, P.R. Amer

The interaction of strain of Holstein-Friesian cow and pasture-based feed system for milk production.   
B. Horan, 3, P. Dillon, P. Faverdin,j L. Delaby, P. O'Connor, M. Rath    

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