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Oral Presentations (I)

A comparison of coarse and pelleted compound feed for horses. 
Younge, B.A., O'Neill, G., Arkins, S.

The effect of beef cow breed type on bull progeny ultrasonic muscle measurements and visual muscular scores. 

B.M. Murphy, M.J. Drennan, F.P. O'Mara

Effect of sex and slaughter weight on pig performance and carcass quality. 

J. Mullane, P.G. Lawlor, P.B. Lynch, J.P. Kerry, P. Allen

Grazing behaviour of cows offered a range of supplements and a high or low grazing allowance. 

S.J. Morrison, D.C. Patterson, S. Dawson

Effect of timing of ram introduction on fertility in progestagen treated ewes during the breeding season. 

S. Fair, P. Duffy, K.M. Quinn, C.M. O'Meara, P. Quinn, T.F. Crosby, M.P. Boland, P. Lonergan, A.C.O. Evans

Effect of fatty acid enriched diets on reproductive parameters in cattle. 

S. Childs, Cl Lynch, N. Fox, M.G. Diskin, J.M. Sreenan, D.A. Kenny

Qualitative and Quantitative assessment of airflow within and around a naturally ventilated calf house using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

T. Norton, J. Grant, J.J. Lenehan, R.. J. Fallon, Da-Wen Sun


Development of an efficient method for detection and identification of leukocyte populations in small volumes of milk by flow cytometry.   
M. Alonso-Gomez, W.J. Meaney, S. Arkins    

Effects of Carprofen administration on cortisol response and in vitro IFN- production during banding and burdizzo castration of bulls 
W.Y. Pang, B. Earley, T. Sweeney, M.A.Crowe

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